Aer Lingus Begins Trialling IATA Travel Pass

Aer Lingus has begun trialling the International Air Transport Association’s travel pass.

Trial And Pass Details

In a statement published on its website, Aer Lingus said, “Aer Lingus will begin trialling digital travel solution, IATA (International Air Transport Association) Travel Pass, on flights from Amsterdam to Dublin from today, July 5th.

“The IATA Travel Pass app can be downloaded onto a mobile device directly from the iOS App and Google Play store. Once downloaded, customers will create a secure account and will be presented with the entry requirements for their destination. Aer Lingus’ customers can then book a COVID-19 test with an approved provider and the results will be automatically uploaded into the app by the laboratory.

“The app then checks that a customer meets the COVID-19 test entry requirements for their destination and will then notify the customer to let them know that they are ‘OK to travel’. The airline’s parent company, International Airlines Group (IAG), has been working closely with IATA to co-develop the app that is now being successfully piloted by other global airlines, including British Airways and Iberia.

“As Aer Lingus seeks the best solutions for its customers to ensure frictionless travel it has been progressing with a number of digital solutions in addition to the IATA Travel Pass, including VeriFLY which has been trialled on routes to and from the US and London Heathrow.”

Aer Lingus CEO Statement

In a statement also published on Aer Lingus’s website, Aer Lingus CEO and chairman Lynne Embleton said, “We are committed to exploring ways to ensure that the customer journey is as frictionless as possible and sharing our learnings to help the travel industry take off again.

“We know that digital travel passes are part of the solution and they will also play a key role in offering those travelling the reassurance they need before they arrive at the airport.”

IATA Director General Statement

In another statement published on Aer Lingus’s website, IATA director general Willie Walsh said, “The IATA Travel Pass is a digital solution to verify the COVID-19 testing and vaccination status of passengers. We look forward to a successful trial with Aer Lingus that should give the government the confidence it needs to reopen its borders and safely reclaim Ireland’s welcoming reputation.”


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