Bewley’s Records €389k Profit For 2018

The latest accounts for Bewley’s have revealed that the Irish coffee group recorded a profit of €389,000 last year even though its flagship café on Dublin’s Grafton experienced a €1.5 million loss.

Last year’s €389,000 profit follows the €18.6 million loss that the group recorded for 2017.

Further Statistics

The latest accounts for the group also show that its turnover declined 2% to €147.6 million last year; its cost of sales decreased from €76.6 million to €74.2 million; other operating costs remained flat at €71.9 million; the average number of people employed by the group increased from 1,064 to 1,148; its payroll costs increased 5% to €40.8 million, with directors’ remuneration rising by one-third to €448,000; and its operating profit decreased from €2.2 million to €1.4 million, as reported by The Irish Times.

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