Dalata Hotel Group Rewarded For Employee Well-Being Efforts

Dalata Hotel Group, operator of Maldron Hotels and Clayton Hotels, has become the first organisation to receive accreditation for its commitment to employee health and well-being in both the UK and Ireland.

The company has been awarded the KeepWell Mark from IBEC in Ireland and has received Workplace Wellbeing Charter Accreditation in the UK.

Inclusion And Culture

The IBEC KeepWell Mark is an Irish accreditation programme, while the Workplace Wellbeing Charter Accreditation is its UK equivalent.

Companies seeking these accreditations are benchmarked against standards that include leadership, attendance management, health and safety, mental health, intoxicants, physical health, healthy eating, environment and sustainability, inclusion and culture.

People-First Approach

“As Ireland’s largest hotel operator, and one of the UK’s fastest growing, Dalata Hotel Group prides itself on our commitment to a people-first approach that is as welcoming and rewarding to our colleagues as it is to its guests,” said Dawn Wynne, chief people officer at Dalata.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition – it is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of our incredible team.”

Employee Assistance Programme

Dalata has introduced a number of initiatives to support the health and well-being of its staff members.

These include appointing a group engagement and well-being manager and providing an internal platform that signposts resources, support and advice across a range of topics.

Areas covered include family, health and finances, in addition to an employee assistance programme.

Flexible Working

Dalata claims that its staff members also benefit from a free wholesome meal each day, while flexible working patterns are designed to support working families, those with busy lifestyles, and people who want to participate in sport or exercise.

The company has plans to ensure that, in 2024, each hotel has a mental-health first-aider.

Awareness training will be rolled out to all people managers, while well-being training will be made available to each team member.

‘A Better Way’

“As we say, Dalata is a different way, a better way, and while this is the gold standard for health, safety and workplace well-being in Ireland and the UK, our journey doesn’t stop here,” said Wynne.

“We are committed to continuously improving workplace well-being practices across all facets of our business.”

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