Dublin Airport Launches New Feature That Allows Passengers To Receive Flight Updates Directly To Their Mobile Devices

Dublin Airport has launched a new feature that allows passengers to receive flight updates directly to their mobile devices via Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Passengers can subscribe to the new feature by selecting the social media platform of their choice via a small window at the bottom of the flight information page on Dublin Airport’s website.

The new feature keeps passengers updated on the status of both departing  and arriving flights, sending status updates directly to mobile devices, with information such as gate numbers, boarding times and delays for departing flights, and information such as when a flight is on approach and on which baggage belt luggage will be delivered for arriving flights

Chatbot Feature

Additionally, the airport has added a chatbot feature to its website, which will answer many of the frequently asked questions that passengers might have.

Passengers can also subscribe for flight alerts via the chatbot feature.

Original article on Hospitality Ireland by Dave Simpson.

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