IDA President Welcomes Announcement Of Extra College Places For Student Dentists

President of the Irish Dental Association, Dr Eamon Croke on the announcement of extra college places for student dentists:


“We are cautiously optimistic for what today’s announcement means for Irish school leavers wishing to practice dentistry here in Ireland and, most importantly, for patients and people who have been struggling to access dental services and treatments right across the country.


“We welcome Minister Harris and his Department’s intervention and the work that has been happening with the HEA and our academic institutes. While it is not the only factor, the decades of under investment in our dental schools has absolutely contributed to the lack of dental graduates coming through the system each year, the results of which we are now seeing and feeling in the overall staffing and resourcing crisis facing dentists and dental patients.


“We now need to ensure that this plan gets the necessary investment by Government as part of budgetary considerations so that today doesn’t become another finger in the dam of a much bigger disaster.”

Irish Dental Association Statement Re: RTÉ Primetime Report

Statement from the President of the Irish Dental Association, Dr Eamon Croke:


“We are alarmed at the revelations contained in this evening’s RTÉ Prime Time Investigates report. We are urgently calling on the Government to immediately move to amend outdated legislation which is leaving patients open to risk and harm.


“The Irish Dental Association has consistently called for the Dentist’s Act 1985 to be updated and modernised to allow for the mandatory licensing and inspection of dental practices. As it stands, the Dental Council does not have the relevant powers to conduct investigations, carry out inspections or issue sanctions.


“At the request of the Department of Health, our members engaged in a consultation process of legislation governing the practice of dentistry – this was back in 2013. We are still awaiting any meaningful progress.


“The Government has pursued updates to legislation as required by other health professions. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for dentistry and, once again, shows what little regard the Department of Health gives to dental care and oral health policy.


“In light of tonight’s RTÉ Prime Time Investigates report, the Irish Dental Association reiterates the need for urgency in legislating for a new dentist’s act without further procrastination.”

US dental group establishes logistics centre in Ireland

American dental group Young Innovations has established a new logistics centre in Ireland. The Dungarvan site will become a hub for international trade and the European market.


“The excellent infrastructure allows us to expand the product range and deliver faster, which are ideal conditions for optimal support of our customers,” said Frank Whyte, Vice President and Managing Director of Young International, at the opening ceremony.


The Group’s Microbrush brand has been present locally for 25 years. The branch was initially used as a factory and later as a warehouse. Since 2014, the premises and the portfolio have been steadily expanded and other brands have been added, like Young Dental, American Eagle Instruments, Pro-Matrix, Pro-Tip, Crystal Tips, Zooby and Denticator.


The continuous growth required the expansion of capacity. The warehouse was enlarged and all buildings completely renovated. A reception area, new offices, a conference centre and a canteen were added to the site


Young Innovations’ extensive portfolio can now be fully mapped and the diverse requirements for storing the high-quality goods are also easily met. Modern technology and software make inventory transparent and speed up delivery to clinics and practices at home and abroad.


Frank Whyte thanked the energetic team as well as the previous General Manager, Mary O’Keeffe, who had been with Microbrush since 1998 and has now retired. Cormac Johnston was introduced as the new General Manager for Ireland. The senior professional brings to the position many years of experience in quality and process management at international companies in the healthcare and biotech industries.


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